A Day With Kerry Marie

Category: BBW, Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 29 September 2017 A Day With Kerry Marie A Day With Kerry Marie

Kerry proceeds to show us what a typical day is like for her. Five minutes after she wakes up, she has to wake up her fantastic breasts. She does this by massaging them vigorously and sucking on each nipple. She shakes them back and forth and then rubs "Kerry's Kream" all over them. After the creaming, Kerry grabs a bottle of baby oil and dumps a liberal amount all over her boobs to give them a shine. Pretty good. Next up is wardrobe. Kerry asks us to help her pick out a bra for the day. She grabs a white one that clearly cannot hope to contain her mams. Next up is a sexy sheer blue one, but again it is too small. Another white bra is tried and cast aside for being woefully small. Then comes a black one that also is small. A red number is capable of containing Kerry's jugs. She sets it aside for a moment and checks a yellow bra, but barely can fit a tit and a half in it. Another more ornate black bra is attempted and doesn't work before a white bra looks like it was made for her. Then it's time for Kerry to shave her punani. She has a photo shoot that afternoon and that means a baldie. Kerry breaks out the razor and some cream and clears that bush in a thrilling scene Schick and Gillette would approve

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