Bath & Boobs With Kitty Cute

Category: Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 22 September 2018 Bath & Boobs With Kitty Cute Bath & Boobs With Kitty Cute

Kitty Cute is animated and excited. The tropics are a long way from her home in Romania. The lush scenery, the lux, seaside rooms, the beaches and pools, the exotic food and the company of the other girls, all of it stimulates Kitty's senses. Kitty saw a swanky outdoor bathtub and choose it as the place for this boob-slappin', clappin', smackin', lickin', swingin' scene.

Kitty's photographer referred to her as a "walking pinup model." She likes to vamp it up and prance. When the girls weren't being photographed by the team, they were taking selfies or photos of each other.

"I want to spend my life here," Kitty gushed. Of course, she couldn't. But maybe one day, she'll return.

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