Hoby Buchanon – Chloe Temple & Sera Ryder Want Rough Sex

Category: Anal, Deep Throating, Face Slapping, Gagging, Hoby Buchanon, Sera Ryder, Throat Fucking, Videos | Date: 20 January 2023


Are you ready for the 2nd threesome in Hoby's Hotties History!? Sera and Chloe start making out on the couch. I jump on the couch and switch back and forth between fucking their faces until they are gagging spit everywhere.

I put my fingers down their throats and put them in a headlock and spit on them and slap their faces. I switch to POV and they take turns pushing each other's heads down on my cock, holding each other's noses, slapping and spitting on each other. I stand up and take turns fucking their faces while the other eats my ass. I lean them both up against the couch and throat fuck them then turn around and sit on their faces while they eat my ass. I tell them to spit in each other's mouths then I pick them both up in a standing 69 and fuck their faces. I lay them on the floor with their heads together and fuck their faces then I take turns pounding their pussy's while the other one eats my ass. I sit on the couch with both girls on each side of me. I fuck one's face while I slap and spit in the other's mouth. I fuck Chloe hard from behind POV while she eats Sera's pussy. Sera sits on Chloe's face while I face fuck her then they switch positions. I sit on Sera's face and Chloe sucks my cock while Sera eats my ass. I fuck Sera hard from behind while Chloe eats my ass. Sera sits on my face while I fuck Chloe's face then they switch positions. Sera rides my dick and Chloe eats her ass and sucks my cock then they switch positions. I switch back to POV and tell Chloe to grab Sera by the hair and I grab hers and take them to the bathroom for a surprise. Next we do the ass eating train where Chloe gets on all fours and sera eats her ass and I eat hers then I switch to Chloe and face fuck her. Next I fuck Sera from behind while she eats Chloe's ass then I fuck Chloe from behind and make Sera watch. I have them put their faces together in a 69 and I face fuck them and they're gagging spit all over each other. Sera sits on my face while Chloe rides my dick facing each other. I switch to POV and they suck my nipples and kiss down my body. They suck my cock and balls and I take turns face fucking them. They eat my ass and I have them put their fingers down each other's throats. Next I stack them on top of each other and fuck them both hard from behind. I have them put their heads together on their backs and deepthroat face fuck them. They get on their knees in front of me and I blow my load on both of their pretty faces and they lick the cum off of each other and kiss. Sera and Chloe were good girls for Daddy! Watch the FULL trailer here »

Hoby Buchanon – Chloe Temple & Sera Ryder Want Rough Sex

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