Lady Love

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Lady Love

Lady Love

In February 2001 SCORE, the editor wrote "It's funny, isn't it? How people forget. We received an email from a man who asked about this new model on SCORELAND. An older woman named Alexis Love, whom we just 'have to get in SCORE.' Alexis' goal in making a comeback after her Joyce Gibson years in the 1970s was to show that a mature, all-natural woman could represent sexuality in a classy, sensual manner and to have everybody remember what nude, pin-up style posing used to be and could be again."

The following is an excerpt from their phone interview.

Alexis: I'm not afraid to talk about sex. It's just that a lot of your readers may find me boring.

SCORE: I doubt that.

Alexis: Okay, a lot of your readers may like to know that, to me, foreplay is just as important as lovemaking.

SCORE: What kind of foreplay?

Alexis: You know. Touching, kissing, caressing, telling each other how wonderful they are.

SCORE: Take me through a lovemaking session with Alexis Love. All of our readers fantasize what it would be like to sleep with you, now you can really fulfill their fantasies.

Alexis: It would be very sensuous if we massaged each other with oil, then touched and kissed each other. This is difficult for me because sex is always different. It depends on the person you're with. I'm very spontaneous, so I really just go with whatever I'm feeling at the time, but I'm always passionate, stimulated and excited when I'm really into the sex. The sex depends on what the person brings into it, and where his most sensitive erogenous zones are.

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