Lessons From a Master

Category: Big Tits, Photo, XXX" | Date: 19 August 2017 Lessons From a Master Lessons From a Master

A.J. is 19. She looks like an angel, but really she's a devil; a dirty, little devil. A.J. ( 5'7", 120 lbs., 34B bras) is a student in Long Beach, California who came to Miami to visit an old school friend. But she had another, secret reason for the trip: to fuck a SCORE Group stud.

"My big brother trashed his porn mags before he went to Germany with the Air Force," she said. "But I kept a few NN and soon decided I wanted to be in it. After dating a couple of guys my age and having bad sex with both of them, I decided I needed great sex, with a real stud. It's the old story with 19-year-old guys and sex," said A.J. "They just want to get their dicks into a pussy and cum and to hell with the girl. From getting myself off a lot, I knew I could cum, and I figured that real sex had to be a lot better than what I'd experienced. So I set up my fuck session with the stud. I wasn't at all nervous about it; I couldn't wait for the day to arrive. Jack and I hung out for a while before the camera guys were ready for us, and Jack was so cool and so damned sexy, that my pussy was already damp by the time we got together. From then on it was just awesome and I'd cum twice before we even started fucking.

"I hope all you guys out there enjoy seeing me get screwed and get off imagining that you are doing me," said A.J. "But try to remember that you should always take your time having sex with a girl, unless she's a real hooker. A girl needs to be warmed up with cuddling and kissing and stuff and pussy licking before you start doing her. Then she should be considered when you're fucking her: she deserves to cum, too! (My god, is this the new Dr. Ruth talking? Ed.) Screwing Jack showed me that sex can be awesome, and I'll have a really special souvenir of my Miami trip. The mag with me in it will be way better than a South Beach t-shirt."

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