Linsey’s Playtime

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 1 October 2018 Linsey's Playtime

"I never used to use toys very much when I was doing pictures, either for the site or for magazines. I guess I wanted to keep some of my private sex play private and not overdo things. Now that I began using toys, it's not easy to not cum, especially in videos. It's easier, much easier, to cum in videos because it's more continuous than in still photographs where you have to freeze your pose until the cameramen snaps it. Sticking these things in and out of my pussy leaves a girl feeling very horny and knackered, let me tell you. Any model who says she doesn't come shooting toy photos better see her gyno right away. Some of the toys in my photos are so silly looking, it's funny to me that women will actually go into a shop and walk out with it. They look like props from Dr. Who, for goodness' sake!"

Linsey's Playtime

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