Sha In Paradise

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 9 November 2017 Sha In Paradise

"I am about a 32G," says Sha, a popular personality on Ukrainian television. "I usually order my bras online from stores in Poland and Italy. I got my body from my mother. She also has very large breasts, and we also have the same full lips. We look a lot like each other."

"I really like men with beautiful eyes," Sha said. She is a romantic girl who has a powerful effect on guys. When she walks into a room, she owns it.

"I like to stare into a man's eyes. He should also take care of himself. Also, he should be a kind man with a sense of humor. Making me laugh is very important. I care much more about his personality and how he makes me feel and how he treats me than how he looks."

Sha In Paradise

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