With A Cherry On It

Category: Big Tits, Solo, Video | Date: 21 August 2017 With A Cherry On It With A Cherry On It

Renee Ross is the pride of every ice cream and whipped cream manufacturer, not to mention every banana grower and importer from here to South America. The way she eats a banana can drive a guy nuts and she knows it.

Renee is always sexy and creamy. She turns herself into the most voluptuous sundae ever made, looking good enough to lick until she cums. It makes a guy want to eat those cherries right off her juicy, plump body.

Renee is a true man-pleaser and she admits it. "I love to please men," says Renee. "I mean, I don't mind being pleased, but for me, it is all about their pleasure. I think that is what gets me off the most about being with someone."

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